Monday, November 19, 2018

Cubo della Verità

A static and peaceful manifestation, similar to an artistic performance. "The Cube of Truth" took place in Piazza Castello, in Turin,  an event which through a method that triggers the curiosity and interest of the public, it tried to guide the spectators towards the vegan choice through the use of movies related to local and usual practices of animal exploitation, and the use of an approach inspired by the sale of a product.

Masks, cartels and printed material were distributed to raise awareness during the event.

It is essential, explained the organizers, to wear black clothes suited to the climatic conditions.

Monday, November 12, 2018


In the courtyard of the Rettorato (entrance from via Po 17 and via Verdi 8) it is possible to visit the Radura installation designed by the architect Stefano Boeri. Radura is an idea of ​​public space for decongestion in which to stop, rest and wait. Radura is the project of an open space with a permeable perimeter, located within a larger open space. Radura is an urban device to dilute the intensity of flows and movements. Radura is an experience of sound atmosphere in counterpoint with urban rhythms.

Next to the work of art, information points and projections about the situation of the forests in Italy and on the importance of the management of the wood, the installation is in fact realized within the IV National Congress of Silviculture that had taken place in Turin from the 5th November to the 9th with several off events including meetings, screenings and a walk through the woods of Turin.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Flooded Torino

A week of rain, Torino is full of water gathered on the roads, the river is overflown, nothing unusual really, just same as last year.

Monday, November 5, 2018

New Whale

In Turin , on a façade at Porta Palazzo emerged a whale made of waste , or rather a sperm whale, judging by the features and the vertical way of diving, which leaves only the typical tail out of the water. It is the work of  streetartist Mr Fijodor who comes from Liguria, and he is familiar with the sea and its inhabitants, including those of the Sanctuary of Cetaceans that is right in front of his city of origin, Imperia.

As the Goal 14 of the 17 Global Goals to be reached by 2020, to promote awareness of the unsustainability of the current model of development, from an environmental, but also economic and social point of view.

The Goal 14 - life below water is entrusted to Ligurian Mr Fijodor with his work which focuses on the sea and its creatures.
The Goal 14 has among its many objectives that of prevention and reduction of marine pollution of all kinds.
The artist writes:I have interpreted the theme of Goal 14 - Life Below Water - placing a whale as the main character, the largest marine mammal but also one of the most vulnerable. She is for me to represent the fragility of the marine ecosystem and to be the spokesperson of the distracted and short-sighted exploitation of men.Even its location is anything but random.The wall is located in via Cardinal Cagliero, or between the area of  ​​Balun and the Porta Palazzo market in Piazza Della Repubblica. It is said that "if Turin had the sea the port would be right here, at Porta Palazzo".
Life below water wants to be a denunciation, a personal synthesis and at the same time a huge circle of hope for life and for the affirmation of its diversity.

Friday, November 2, 2018

CDP Novembre Theme : Friends

For the theme day, I have this photo taken last week in via Mercanti, where 3 friends were enjoying a after meal chat at the restaurant ' Cantina Barbaroux '.

They looked so cheerful and in good company.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Under Different Lights

After 21 years of restoration, the cupola of the Duomo of Turin has finally reopened to pubblic viewing.
It was damaged by fire in 1997, progress of the restoration was extremely slow, explanation is that the original materials were hard to find and replace.

On the night of the re-opening, the cupola was shown in different colored lights. Personally, I found it beautiful, but some other people thought that it was horrible....

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Piano 35

Piano 35 is a public restaurant, alongside a roof garden and a panoramic terrace that provides far-reaching views over the city and it is located at the top floor of grattacielo Intesa San Paolo.

The price is on the high end, but they serve some rather unique cocktails....