Thursday, January 10, 2019

Via Antonio Meucci

Via Antonio Meucci is where I go when I need my teeth to be taken care of, the open space in front of the dentist's studio was a car park, now the center row has been converted into pavement with benches and street lamps, making the space less parking lots but more pesentable.

The photo was taken after a few days of raining, rain water was accumulated on the ground and created sort of a small lake....

Thursday, January 3, 2019

All The 'ism' of Armando Testa

Armando Testa (23 March 1917 – 20 March 1992) was an Italian graphic designer, cartoonist, animator and painter.
Born in Turin, Testa worked as a typesetter until 20 years old. He was initiated to artistic career by abstract painter Ezio D'Errico, who was one of his professors at the Vigliardi-Paravia Printing School he attended. After winning a poster design contest in 1937, he started working in the advertising industry, and in 1946 abandoned his work as a printer and opened a graphic studio in his hometown. In 1956, he founded Studio Armando Testa along with his wife, Lidia, and associate Franco de Barberis, and their studio soon became one of Italy's largest agencies, partnering with Benton & Bowles in the United States and establishing several branches throughout Europe. A key role in Testa's success had television commercials, particularly the ones created for Carosello. In 1959 he created the official logo for 1960 Summer Olympics. Studio Armando Testa's customers include Nestlé, Lavazza and Barilla.
Starting from the mid-1980s, Testa focused on painting and on poster design for cultural and social campaigns. In 1985 he was appointed honor laureate in Fort Collins, Colorado


17 years have passed since the last exhibition dedicated to Armando Testa hosted in his hometown,  Turin. Now from 25 October to 24 February in Palazzo Chiablese is holding, an exhibition with its creations, thanks to the curatorship of Gemma De Angelis Testa and Gianfranco Maraniello who have selected 120 works including sculptures, drawings and illustrations. With "All the Isms of Armando Testa", Turin celebrates the artistic production of Testa, three years after the placement of "Sintesi '59", sculpture that stands in front of the Porta Susa station.


In the exhibition at Palazzo Chiablese, there are that of advertising and carousels, with logos that have made history like that of Punt and Mes. But there are also the characters that have become famous beyond the product they have advertised, like the hippo Pippo della Lines, or Carmencita and Caballero of Caffè Paulista di Lavazza, but also the spherical and proverbial extraterrestrials of the Papalla Planet, created for Philco. A true "cultural landscape", as explained during the presentation, which also built an imaginary for some generations of Italians.


But Armando Testa's passion for visual art does not end here. Because in the exhibition some works appear related to a purely artistic production, linked to real iconographic experimentation. And the sources, in fact, come from futurism and surrealism. The "isms" of Armando Testa are also these and he said it himself, in an interview that appears in a video at the beginning of the exhibition, while commenting on the refusal of a customer to a proposal too risky. "Il Testa - he says - sometimes has good things in the" isms ", so we call all modernisms. But maybe it's better, every now and then, to look more at marketing ".

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

CPD 2019 January Theme

In 2018 I have made lesser photo due to rather heavy work load, but I still tried to snap a photo now and then whenever I can.

Here I share one of the last photo I have taken in 2018.
It was an heavily fogged evening, walking along the river Po, even the lighted up church on Monte di Capuccini could not be seen. There were few people on the street and a man was walking along the road near to the river....

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Wishes

Every year at the main train station, Porta Nuova there is a huge Christmas tree elected in the entrance hall. People place their wishes on to the tree and it is very entertaining reading all those wishes, especially this year....

Many wishes are to have a job, a boyfriend/girlfriend or to be able to travel abroad...

Some are really very specific, such as these :

 She asked to make Stefano to marry her....Bet by now all the Stefano in Turin are under stress...

 The one wishes his/her ex will love him/her again....

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!!

May 2019 brings back all the good and leave the bad behind.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Blue

Blue seems to be the chosen color for the Christmas decoration in Turin, the Mole is colored in blue light, the under side of the bright also painted with blue light and various locations in the center are decorated with blue light bulbs too....

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Lights Are On

Just some of the Christmas lights decorations around...Some olds and some news.

Via Roma

It seems initially there was no intention to install any decoration lights on Via Roma, but after some serious consideration, they realised that they just can't leave the main street of the town center naked.

Via Lagrange

Also, in via Lagrange, the lights were installed after some late reconsiderations.

 Via Barbaroux

 As in via barbaroux, the same old lights are installed as per past few years, but these lights suit well with these narrow old streets.