Monday, March 1, 2021

CDP March 2021 Theme : Mirror

Near my block there is a luxury shop selling expensive porcelain and glasswares, which we just look and never dare even to step in.

It has some round mirrors placed on the bottem side of it windows and they reflect the view of the buildings on the other side of the road.

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Location : Via Pietro Micca

Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Red Palace

It is not exactly red in color, but orangish-red, anyway, it is a gorgeous palace which dominate the view in piazza Carignano.

It is actually located between 2 piazzas, piazza Carignano and piazza Carlo Alberto.

It houses the Museum of the Risorgimento. It was a private residence of the Princes of Carignano, after whom it is named. Its rounded façade is different from other façades of the same structure.


Location : Palazzo Carignano


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Recycling Theater

A man recitating at piazza Carignano, with an indication that it is a 'Teatro Di Riciclo', a recycling theater.

With all theaters and cinema closed due to the Covid, this might be the only way people get to watch a theater performance.

By "recycling theater" we mean the action of an actor aimed at evoking a precise replica or a set of past replicas of a show in which he took part or in which he was a spectator: the story and the images of the show come back to life, thus, deeply contaminated by the narration of theatrical mechanisms and of everything that is attributable to the relationship between actors, spaces and audiences encountered. The "recycling" of the theater that has already been established does not intend to be a substitute for the theater itself; but rather a rarefied concentrate, an essence that sublimates its mobile immanence, its magic: "remaining elsewhere". Transfer of genres, a concrete basis for utopia.


Location : Piazza Carignano 

Monday, February 22, 2021

CNY Under The Arcade

There is quite a huge chinese community in Turin, last few years there were celebration for the Chinese New Year in the center. 

This year, obviously due to the Covid, no celebration was held, but instead, decoration banners explaining various traditions of the Chinese New Year are hung under the arcade along via Po. Pretty interesting to read through them, but how many people do actually stopped and read them?

Location : Via Po

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Yellow Rider

Riders everywhere, day and night, busy delivering food to all the hungry mouths in town.

The only problem I have with them is that they ride on everywhere, including places they shouldn't be riding their vehicles and they ride fast, without much concern of the pedestrians.


Here is a less dangerous rider, he was sitting on a bench in piazza Castello, perhaps checking on new orders...

Location : Piazza Castello

Monday, February 15, 2021

Hidden Singer

This corner at the beginning of via Roma seems to be a favourite spot for street artists. Often the artist placed himself right at the corner and got attention from people coming from and into via Roma.

From this side under the arcade, it looks as if the artist is hidden from the people crossing via Roma and ready to give a surprise once they get into the arcade.


 Location : Via Roma

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A Cold Sunny Day

It was a cold but sunny day, the sky was blue and the air was chilly. 


The buildings at the junction of the road were quite attractive, the shadows and shade of the photo taken were a bit too bluish, somehow the photo looks better in black and white.

Location : Via Pietro Micca