Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Piazza San Carlo

Piazza San Carlo is one of the most important squares of Turinit can be defined as the beating heart of Turin. 168 meters long and 76 wide, the square has an area of ​​12,768 square meters, is inserted in middle of the main street Via Roma, which connects Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Felice.

On the south side, there are two twin baroque churches, the Santa Cristina (1639), designed by Castellamonte, and San Carlo, built in 1619 and attributed to various architects including Castellamonte. The concave side of the first, was redesigned in 1715 by Filippo Juvarra. The facade of the church of San Carlo is instead of Lombard Caronesi Ferdinand (1836).
Being in the center of the town, rarely to be seen quiet and calm, somehow in last summer one early before noon, happened to witness the square in a slightly different light.


trett said...

yes, Piazza San Carlo is one of the most beautiful squares in the world. thanks for the wonderful photos.

David Thomas said...

A lovely place.

Julie said...

I like very much your use of black and white to enhance the look of this square. It has very uncluttered lines, which makes it very beautiful to my eyes.

wilf said...

Thanks everyone....Been away for a month, just came back to Italy today, hope to make some photo for spring....:)