Sunday, November 18, 2012

Balon Flea Market

The Balon is the flea market of Turin, it was born at the end of '700, even if placed in another area. The present layout dates back to 1856 when a resolution of the then city council moved the market for scrap iron from its previous location near the Porte Palatine.

It takes place every Saturday in the historic Township Ball (Borgata del Pallone), located in the area of ​​Porta Palazzo, between the historic food market of Porta Palazzo, one of the largest open-air markets of Europe, and the river Dora Riparia.

The Township ball named after particular habit of the workers who were in the hour break to bet their meager earnings in the fronton of which remains as a trace only the surviving wall with the writing "Bowl Game".
The name arose from the saying of the workers "Andoma to giughé to balon" (aka: "Let's bet at elastic ball game"), from which comes the name of Ball Township, and in Piedmont remained the name Balon .

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