Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bwindi light masks

Bwindi light masks is one of the 'Luci d'artista' that I like the most. A art piece created by Richi Ferrero, installed at Palazzo Reale.

'Forty identical masks, from the Bwindi National Park in the most remote heart  of Saharan Africa, are placed as small monoliths in dark space similar to ancient terracotta pieces. The ritual comes to life when artificial light changes the colors of the masks creating a dance effect, supported by bi-vocal sounds of Tuva (Central Asia), which in turn creates a painting of shadows. A new ritual takes shape through anthropological universal archetypes: the African mask has always intermediaries between man and the supernatural, singing harmonics typical shamanic of Tuva and light. The most interesting aspect of this timeless rite lies in the relationship between light and sound, often present in ancient cultures in which the religious sense of the performance is given by  getting the substance of the sound, evokes the the divine light to establish a contact between this and the man.'

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