Monday, February 11, 2013

Slice Of Polenta

House Scaccabarozzi, known more commonly by the Turineses as Slice of Polenta, it is located in Turin, in today Vanchiglia district, once known as Moschino district on the corner of Corso San Maurizio and via Giulia di Barolo. The entrance to the building is at number 9 Via Giulia di Barolo.
The name Fetta di Polenta, which is commonly attributed mainly comes from the yellow color and the unique layout that resembles a real "slice". Its official name is Scaccabarozzi House which came from the surname of the wife Antonelli (The famous architect who design the building) that, besides provided her name, she lived there for a few years with her husband, when nobody wanted to go to live there for fear that it might collapse, it represents a building for that period challenged the traditional rules when it comes to construction.
It seems that the Slice of Polenta was built more as a bet then for real need.


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