Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monumento Nazionale al Carabiniere

The National Monument to the policeman is standing in the garden of the Royal Palace of Turin. It is one of hundreds of monuments erected after World War I to honor the sacrifice of the fallen.

The monument was designed and built by Edoardo Rubino of Turin and is divided into 3 parts:
- a 25m podium where they are represented, with reliefs in bronze, the main tasks carried out by the police in times of peace and war;
- a bronze statue of a policeman;
- a pillar on top with an impressive sculptural group, also in bronze, which idealizes the Oath.



Shiera said...

This is really wonderful, I miss Torino so much, can't wait to return!

wilf said...

Shiera you should come back and visit...:)

Shiera said...

I wish I could but I have no one to go with :( Or any money!!