Friday, May 17, 2013

Porta Palazzo Market Getting Ready

Everyday at about 8 pm in the evening, stands are being setup at the open air market at Porta Palazzo, getting ready for the next morning.

While I was taking photo of the setting up, the workers (mainly Moroccans) shouted at me and wanted me to get lost. I was taken aback, as the place is a public place and I have all the right to take photo there.
So we had some 'discussion'.
Their reason was that, they were afraid that their photo will end up on internet and they don't want their girlfriends or whatever back home know that they are doing such job.
I assured them that I didn't take their photo and I was not interested in taking their photo.
They apologized and that ended the episode.
Well, they could have just told me in a more civilized way instead of tried to chase me away as if the place was their house.
Just wonder, what happens if their girlfriends decide to visit them in Italy?


Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Wonderful these photos Wilf, really !

wilf said...

Thank Fabrizio!