Saturday, August 31, 2013

Parco Dora Lotto Vitali

Parco Dora is a post-industrial park of Turin with a total area of 456,000 , located in the Spina 3 until the nineties where stood the great factories of Fiat and Michelin. It takes its name from the river Dora Riparia that crosses, and is surrounded by the streets Nole, Valdellatorre, Mortara tunnel, wide Orvieto, Via Livorno, via Daubrée, during Umbria, Piazza Piero della Francesca, including the District 4 and 5.

The area Vitali is the largest in the park, covers 89,000 and is characterized by the strong presence of pre-existing industries. It takes its name from the establishment of Ferriere Fiat which was situated there. It  is also the central of the park.


Dominating the area are the imposing structure, of which high steel columns painted red and part of the original roof were conserved. Under the large canopy is a multifunctional space equipped with playgrounds for playing (soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, skate ramp) and designed to host exhibitions and sports activities, next to it there is a large garden, which alternating flower beds are structured around the pillars of the dismantled steel, play areas and an elevated walkway made ​​of galvanized steel.

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