Monday, October 6, 2014

Sentinelle in Piedi

Yesterday, in several Italian cities, an event named "Sentinelle in piedi" was organized in various squares, groups of people who protested with silent vigils to say that "marriage is only between a man and a woman" and against the prohibits discrimination on sexual identity because they consider contrary to their freedom of expression.

This seemingly peaceful event, however, underlying a strong violence against individual's right. Of course they are all free to express their ideas, but while they want to have the freedom to express their ideas, shouldn't everyone can have the freedom to love who they want without being discriminated?

Instead of staying home and sharing their loves with family and friends, these people chose to go down to the squares to spread hatred against people they don't even know....

Faces of shame

Really? Doesn't she knows Oscar Wilde was gay?

Shouldn't this boy learn how to love instead of how to hate?

Policemen blocking the crowd while the shameful group left.

Gathering with love and passion

A mini pride along via Po

Free to love, but never free to hate, lets face it, when you hate you can never be free....


Gunn said...

What a strong and important message you have in your posting today! Thanks for sharing!

Isabeau said...

Violence has any faces... I wonder: why should one be against a law about violent actions against gay??

William Kendall said...

A great message today. We have had same sex marriage here for a decade, and contrary to so many opponent's predictions, the world didn't end.