Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two Trams

The old green and red trams at the tram stop in Piazza Castello.

The red and cream tram was built in 1924, during the 60- it was renumbered as T433 with a blue livery and yellow stripes. In 2000, it was restored to its original condition. It was on display in Sassi until 2008, then its mechanical and electrical elements were reconstructed, in 2009 it returned in full function on track for special services.
The green tram no.2847 was built in 1960, in 1980, it was rebuilt along with all the other trams of the same model, and sprayed with a new orange color. After 2008, it was restored to its original condition. Now, it is a sort of "museum in motion" with its circular path along the main perimeter boulevards, with the starting and ending stop in Piazza Castello and going by Porta Nuova.


Stefan Jansson said...

They look good. I hope they are not too loud. The tram is returning to Stockholm. A lot of complainers (old people), are talking about how the old trams sounded a Millennium or so ago, and are having a hard time realising that things have changed since then.

William Kendall said...

They're both quite colourful!

Babzy said...

beautiful trams ! :)