Saturday, July 11, 2015

Arte Alle Corti - Palazzo Costa Carrù della Trinità

Palazzo Costa Carrù the Trinity was designed by Count Ignazio Birago Borgaro in 1781 on a plan of 1769. Baroque elements can be traced in the hall and, in part, in the internal.
In rectangular courtyard of the Palace, limited at the bottom by a high wall with a
closed portal, some imposing stone sculptures are located , 

Untitled, by refined aesthetic rigor, Nunzio,  

a pair of large marble sculptures by Fabio Viale, Goodbye and thank you,  

and the installation of Alessandro Sciaraffa, Speaker Moon / Voices reflected on the Moon.  

In the fine structure of the court, it is creating a dialectical opposition between the silent presence of suggestive plastic forms and the technological dimension of a structure full of mysterious resonances spacetime. In the entrance porch it is placed an unprecedented elevator, Forced Conduct, Michele Guaschino.


Julie said...

All very elegant, Wilf. Not sure that the marbled "Goodbye and Thankyou" are my style ... too much like a KKK head-mask.

William Kendall said...

The sculptures contrast sharply with the surroundings.