Friday, July 22, 2016

Arte Alle Corti - The Bears

The Arte Alle Corti,  Art In The Courtyards is back.....

Art in the Courtyards is an invitation to discover the city through its most hidden places, those courtyards kept inside the city buildings, that tell centuries of history of Turin. Architectures that become open-air museums of contemporary art, hosting installations by artists invited to compete in these areas. 

The project is to experience a walk in the open air, moving on foot and with a map in hand, an invisible thread that connects different parts of the city center, through the baroque architecture. It is a way to learn about and take possession of an often unknown territory, albeit everyday and familiar, made obvious by habit and inability to truly look around. The project, in fact, is addressed above all to citizens as well as tourists: an audience of close eyes and other distant invited to enter into these wonderful treasures, transformed into the open thanks to the art scene. In this direction,  taking into account the site-specific installation concept, which blends in the fabric of the place where it intervenes, excluding, however, the work as a monument isolated from or unrelated to the context.

The work of David Rivalta fixed a meeting between three different elements: the shape of the animal (in this case bears sculptures, which naturally preserved their presence sacredness of innocent); the Royal Park, a place that does not orient or does not transgress; Finally, all those who are confronted with these guests. Illegal presence of bears pose a question about the identity of the place. Their meeting is epiphanic experience of otherness and index of openness.

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William Kendall said...

The sculptural work certainly does evoke the essence of the bear. The concept sounds similar to the Doors Open idea we see here.