Monday, August 8, 2016

Archaeology in Turin

The Museum of Antiquities in Turin recently opens its third section with the exhibition "Archaeology in Turin" , dedicated to the long history of the city. The transfer of the Savoy Gallery in the New Wing of the Royal Palace and the creation of a single entrance for the two museums - which help to complete the Royal Polo - provided an opportunity for the preparation of the premises in the basement, directly overlooking the theater Roman.

The displayed materials are from the result of recent excavations and have never been exposed,

In 1940, with the final separation from the Egyptian Museum, stands the new Museum of Antiquities, which since 1982 had found an independent home in the nineteenth century greenhouses of the Royal Palace, where currently the historic core of the collections is displayed. The collections of antiquities of Savoy, which were joined by other international donations and acquisitions, allowing them to trace the evolution of the taste for collecting and testify to the growing interest in archeology in Piedmont.

A new pavilion, created in 1998, includes the section of the Piedmont region. Along the exhibition runs a great trip back in time to meet one after the other, as in the reality of the archaeological excavation, and the many and amazing testimonies of the ancient Piedmont. There is an additional section devoted to the Roman cities of Piedmont and in particular to Augusta Taurinorum in the basement of the New Channel of the Royal Palace, which is a unique connection with the archaeological area of the Roman Theatre.

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