Sunday, June 16, 2013

Festival of the Solstice : The Five Elements

The five elements which surround us in our everyday life, earth, water, fire, air and spirit. 
Earth, the element which represents stability, firmness and resistance to changes.
In a concrete city, people tried to live a day in direct contact with natural earth by placing grass patches on the street at via Barbaroux.

Water,  an element which represents fluidity, flow and adaptation of changes in form, an element which provide nutrition.
In summer, water provide a sense of freshness under the hot sun, for people relaxing along river Po at Murazzi.

Fire, an element which represents energetic, forceful and heat. A destroyer by nature, yet under proper manipulation, it provides warmth, light and energy or even fun.

Playing with fire in an entertaining manner, at piazza Castello.

Air or wind, an element which represents movement, openness and freedom. An basic element for survival, expansion, the lack of it proved to be suffocating.

Air bubble is way of air controlling the movement within and outside of a body, along via Langrange.

Spirit, an element beyond physical,  represents a form of communication and ability.It can also be associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness.

Candles are often used as a form of offer, communication with spiritual world in various cultures.

This is a post for CDP June mid month theme Festival of the Solstice, visit the other participants here.


Ali Crehan said...

A very lovely entry. :)

Ann said...

Lovely is the word I would use as well.

JM said...

What else can I say? Excellent post, Wilf!

Spiderdama said...

Beautiful post! And I say WOW to the gras in picture no 1:-)

Gunn said...

I love the image of the narrow little street, and I LOVE the happy images in this posting.

Joe said...

Bravo! You have covered all the elements in this collection of images.

Linda said...

Excellent series! Love that bubble!

Jim said...

Terrific theme day post.