Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dome Of Superga

The top of the Basilica of Superga view from the ground just below the stairs going up to the car park in front of the Basilica.

The Basilica of Supergawas built from 1717 to 1731 for Victor Amadeus II of Savoy, designed by Filippo Juvarra, at the top of the hill of Superga.


Shiera said...

Hi, just wondering, how can you get to the Basilica from Piazza Castello using public transport? I didn't get a chance to see it this year, maybe next time I'll have more luck.

William Kendall said...

It feels old just looking at it. Good angle!

wilf said...

Thanks William!
@Shiera, there is a bus from piazza vittorio to corso casale, where you can get down at the cable car station, then you will have to take the cable car to get up to the Basilica.