Monday, January 13, 2014

Ridiculous Protest

The Lega Nord was protesting last evening, parading along via Pietro Micca at some point.
The reason was "in defense of democracy," to protest against the decision of the TAR that annulled by the presence of an irregular list, the regional elections of 2010, won by the coalition supporting the Piedmont secretary of the Lega Nord, Roberto Cota.

So, he was nominated under a list of fake signatures, and the responsibles (!) were condemned and yet on what ground he should still stay in position, as if nothing had happened?
He being elected is the resulted of an invalid nomination, thus he being elected is also invalid!

He and his party, instead of apologizing for cheating the whole region, they went onto the street and protest against the decision of the TAR. Perhaps he should just go away and save himself some dignity.


Stefan Jansson said...

Only in Italy?

wilf said...

I can only talk about Italy since I am here....:)

William Kendall said...

His stubbornness reminds me of the mayor of Toronto. Admits to smoking crack, hangs out with known criminals, stripped of political powers by council when he refuses to step aside... and still can't admit that he's the problem.