Friday, July 25, 2014

Hare Krishnas

A group of Hare Krishnas dancing and singing the Hare Krishna mantra in via Roma.....

So cheerful, so much joys, then came the carabinieri.......

In this case, I do totally support the carabinieri from stopping them. At the other end of via Roma, in piazza San Ccarlo, there was the concert for the celebration of Carabinieri and the joyful, cheerful song of the Hara Krishnas had completely disturbed the concert, creating quite a distraction.
Of course it went down without problem, since they are such peaceful individuals.....:)


William Kendall said...

I see them here on occasion. They do make quite a bit of noise when they're chanting.

Linda said...

Competing celebrations - could get noisy. But I love the shot of the girls dancing; such great smiles.

Max Reif said...

I wonder if we would use one of your photos in an online journal (non-profit) called The Mindful Word? It is a photo of female Hare Krishna dancerts, from 1914. Our journal subscribes to Creative Commons, and there is a CC attribution on the web it looked ok. But then we noticed there is also a copyright notice of a person (you?) at the page bottom. So we thought we should request permission. The article is about Eastern and Western music, and how the "pop standard" songs of the West resemble the Love songs of Bhakti Yoga, and are used in that way by some.

Please reply asap if you see this. Thank you! Your photos are excellent!

(author or article)
for The Mindful Word ( )

Erica Roberts said...


I'm an editor from The Mindful Word ( One of our writers (Max Reif) is interested in using the third image in this post (of the dancing girls/women) in a photo collage in an upcoming article. We noticed that your blog is licensed Creative Commons but the photos in this post are copyrighted, so we decided to seek your permission. If we were to use the photo, you'd receive an image credit at the bottom of the article, and we'd link to this blog, too, if you'd like.

Our publication is quite popular and Reif's articles are among some of the most popular on the site, so the photo would be seen by a fairly large audience, I'd expect.


Erica Roberts
Editor, The Mindful Word

wilf said...

@Max Reif and Erica Roberts,
You may use the photo that you are interested, thanks for coming to my blog.
Wilf Wang