Sunday, June 14, 2015

Arte alle corti - Palazzo Cisterna

"Art courts "is an exhibition of sculptures and installations-paced contemporary art that develops in the open in the courtyards and gardens of seven large buildings of the city.The goal is to let the general public to discover the lesser known aspects of the historic center of Turin. 

 The garden of Palazzo Cisterna is normally closed to public, a nice green area with huge trees and a big fountain in the center, often we can only take a peek of the garden through the metal fence. Finally, with this exhibition, we are allow to enter into the garden and have a walk among the plants and the art.

A visitor admiring the art of Iuliano

There are a few installations in the garden and the courtyard, one that catches immediate attention is the work of Enrico Iuliano. His installation designed specifically for the garden of Palazzo Cisterna is formed by joining two existing works:Composition glass of Vespa of 2005 and Hourglass 2008. The Vespa and the APEC, placed both in a tub of aluminum 15 meters long and filled with dyed red water, act as a conduit for the flow of liquid in a continuous loop that creates a kind of post-industrial fountain.

Beside the work of Iuliano, in the garden displayed several pieces of work from other artists as listed:  

Agave leaves with copper, Nicola Bolla;

 Men Blue

Men Blue, pair of human figures, with scale and lighting elements, Richi Ferrero;

 The Herd Of dogs

Herd, group of statues of dogs, and Tree Heart, aluminum, Paolo Grassino;

 The Wolves

Being so the wolves / the most difficult to hunt / how will the men, the group of sculptures of wild wolves, Jelena Vasiljev.
Constraints, installation in wood and concrete, of Francesco Granieri;
Suture and shape, powerful steel sculpture, organic, minimal, of Salvatore Astore;
Cefalopede girl with elephant foot, inquientante and metamorphic figure between the human and the beast of Daniel Spoerri;
Kingdom, ironic banner of Saverio Todaro;


Gunn said...

What a nice and interesting posting.
Great art!

Happy Sunday!

Susan Bauer said...

Hmmm. . .I'm still trying to figure out the first one with the Vespa and glass bulbs. Interesting to look at, but I don't quite understand it. Oh well, it's modern art. ;)

William Kendall said...

Visually captivating, the wolves in particular.