Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Arte Alle Corti - Palazzo Civico

The Beehive of Jessica CARROLL, 2 meters diameter Bronze.

"To do work in large bronze, as this hive of two meters in diameter, need many helpers and a foundry of course. I began to tell boys of the foundry stories about bees: that when the cells are disordered born there drones, that bees have six legs and that is why the
hexagon , the hexagon is in nature the cheaper and more effective system to build and that some animals have genetic, intrinsic knowledge to do certain things, like bees hives or termites bridges for millions of years and that we men instead we must learn to make them and that the observation of these animals can teach us how to do them.

So also in the foundry we have become a "Super organism" and a multiple of between 3 and 6 the hive was formed. "

( Words of the artist )

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William Kendall said...

Quite an impressive sculpture!