Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Books Selling Under The Arcades

The world longest bookstall under the arcades from via Roma all the way up to piazza Carlo Felice. Unprecedented success for the ninth edition of the 'Portici di Carta', which was filled with people who love book, reading, words and ideas of the historic center of Turin.  
Throughout that week- end, the arcades of Via Roma, Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Carlo Felice became a library over two kilometers long. More than eighty booksellers in Turin and the metropolitan city, 40 small and medium publishers of Piedmont, antique dealers and booksellers.

'Portici di Carta' under the arcade at the beginning of via Roma.


William Kendall said...

Two kilometres long? That many books? I'd be quite happy wandering that!

Stefan Jansson said...

Interesting cutout here.