Thursday, May 12, 2016

La Cavallerizza Reale

La Cavallerizza Reale is a large complex built between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries as a military headquarters of the Academy: a complex that is protected by a bond, and that is part of the system of the Savoy royal residences UNESCO World Heritage Site. Transferred from the State to the City of Turin, the Riding has become part of the Teatro Stabile, and in 2001 it is open to the city as a place of entertainment, with great success. But following the savage cuts in local authority budgets, the municipal authority has decided not to reap the benefits (social, but also economic) of its investment, and decided to sell the complex: in 2009 it was entrusted to the Securitization city ​​of Turin Ltd., and in 2013 the representations and visits of private speculators have started that they would like to purchase the monument (a price about 12 million euro).  
Some citizens came together in a Autoconvocate participatory process to decide the future of that great historical space, and announced three days of occupation.....

 An event organized at La Cavallerizza Reale


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William Kendall said...

It would be best to keep such a place squarely in public hands.