Monday, October 22, 2012

Porto Palazzo Outdoor Market

Porta Palazzo is a large area of ​​the historic center of Turin, bordering the Center district and Aurora district.
In its center is the Republic Square which, with has an area of 51 300 m², is the largest square in the capital of Piedmont, and it regularly hosts the largest outdoor market in Europe.

The Place is colorful and full of life, vibrant and chaotic, but just have to be careful while being there. With its huge crowd on saturday (Especially during the morning), it is certainly a gathering place for pickpockets, which I personally unfortunately have been a two times victim. Two rules, never carry your bag on your back and never place your wallet in the outside pocket of your jacket. Maybe don't even wear any golden necklaces, diamond bracelet etc...Once saw an old man had his necklaces snapped in front of the crowd.

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