Saturday, October 13, 2012

Student Demonstration on Friday

Yesterday, Friday, heard noises and music out from the window, looked out from the balcony, and there it was, the student demonstration was passing by right under my block.
The previous demonstration ended with a physical conflict between the students and the police forces, created quite a commotion. So, out of curiosity, I went down and followed the demonstration to snap some photos.

Stopped in front of the Academy of Fine Art.

The police forces followed behind getting ready just in case...

From the balcony.

Again, from the balcony.

Some green smoke...meaning?

Some orange smoke....not sure why? Maybe after all these years of getting  smokes from the politicians, here is the return favour.

Some white smoke, after taping the entrance of the Academy of whatever....

Something I did notice about demonstration in Italy, normally, they are held on Fridays, reason? After one or two hours of marching or standing or sitting, everyone gets a long weekend?

Today, another thing I noticed while walking among the demonstrators, I smelled 'Grass'.
I assume (positively) most of the demonstrators are underage, but i saw them smoking, and I did smell 'Grass', and there were policemen all over the place....Do they have the same sensitive nose like mine?
Or just...whatever.

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