Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Personal Best 2012

Well, personal best photo in term of personal preference, difference factors are involved, feeling, emotional, visual, self achievement....
Photography for me is a way to create images, so I usually process(that's adjustments) the photo after taking them, in order to present them in the way I wanted to.
Here are the 10 photos which I have made in 2012 and selected as more significant ones.

This photo was made on my birthday, I combined the two things I received that day and made this photo. I like its simplicity and depth of field.

This photo was made while having aperitive with friends at piazza Vittorio. It was made against the bright sunlight, so obviously the foreground was pretty dark, I processed it rather extremely and turned out to be something pretty different.  I like the effect of the photo which made it looks like a combined image.

This photo was made while crossing the road, didn't expect anything special out of it, but was surprised by beauty of its colors, especially on the surface of the road. It presents a sight of this part of the town which I normally failed to notice.

 This was made during my night walk around the vicinity. Was attracted by the light projected from the restaurant on the side into the narrow street. Asked a friend to stand right in front of the camera and created this image with light and shadows into sort of a mysterious lane.

This was made during the film festival. Was sitting around in the hall of the cinema, snapping photo of peoples in and out of the hall. At the entrance, this man was standing there looking at people coming in and out, then Laura walked by, and this was the look on the man. I like the feel of this photo, sort of like a part of a story, it has a ambiguous feeling.

This was taken during a wedding dinner of a friend, it was by the river Po and right in front of Murazzi. Was lucky to capture the moment while the sky was not yet dark and the lights of the pubs along Murazzi have began to light up. This photo is more significant now that the pubs were forced to close down now and not sure if they will be re-open again.

Full summer 2012, windy, the clouds were moving, the light was bright. A little processing was done to even out the shadows and the light. Like the interesting sky which enhanced the beauty of piazza Castello. It was a beautiful day and I was in a beautiful mood.

This was taken in spring when a sudden downpour began. Taking shelter under the arch in piazza Castello, actually wanted to snap photo of people running from the rain, but was attracted by the reflection and the effect of the light caused by the heavy rain. Had to enhance the contrast to create this almost gothic style. Pretty satisfied with the post process effect.

 This was taken during a long walk along the river Po just after snowing. Actually was pretty satisfied with the set of photo made during the walk, the snow had transformed the area completely and it was breathlessly beautiful. This photo was chosen mainly because of the framing of Superga and represents a memory of this particular walk.

It was difficult to set focus on these little creatures, they move fast! It was taken in the medieval village in Valentino park. I toned down the colors to make it look like Chinese painting, which the swallows are a common subject in Chinese's art.

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Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Great selection - my favourite is the one of Laura at the film festival.

Sab said...

Beautiful set of pics - well done!

Robert Geiss said...

Great work indeed. Agree, that the Laura picture is amazing.

Please have a good New Year ahead.

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Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Great selection Wilf. I personally love the first: an excellent composition, and the last: a great capture ! Buon Anno !!!!

Kim said...

Thank you for giving us several "bests" to view today. My faves are the one of the narrow street at night (asking your friend to stand in the frame was brilliant and makes the shot for me), and the gentleman watching the woman (very cinematic, there is a story going on there, but we'll never know it). The others are quite beautiful in their own ways and very appealing. I'd be interested to know which one of all of these resonates most with you? And those dear birds! I've tried to photograph swallows and know how hard it is to capture them, so that's an amazing capture (I notice by the wires that they are not wanted wherever it is they are trying to perch :-)).
Hope 2013 holds many wonderful shots for you, Wilf.


I love all your beautiful choices and was also drawn to the man watching the woman at the door - like a still from a film. I also love the birds, they really look like a Chinese painting now that you mention it. Happy New Year to you!

Rob said...

Excellent choices. The decision must have been difficult with so many wonderful images. Happy new year!

Dianne said...

Some wonderful captures and clever editing effects. I love the Night Walk shot where the lighting in the lane-way leads our eyes along.

"Adelaide and Beyond"

Babzy said...

Very interesting and nice selection ! :)

Karl Demetz said...

Nice selection!
I wish you all the Best for 2013!

wilf said...

Thanks everyone! Best wishes!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh wow Wilf, these are all superb, there is absolutely no way I could choose, thank goodness I don't have to. It must have been hard for you too, you have so many brilliant images.

Buck said...

All of these are gorgeous! I was particularly drawn to the downpour, but the swallows are special. Happy 2013!