Friday, January 4, 2013

Woods In City Center

A few heaps of soil were piled up and placed around piazza San Giovanni in front of the Duomo, plants and dry branches were planted into the soil creating a path in the woods. This was made to let people in the center to have a feeling of taking a walk or sitting on the benches in the woods, have a sense of closer to the nature. 

The idea might be nice, but it is actually quite pathetic. Just a few steps away, there is the royal garden with real trees, real bushes, real grasses and real paths, and it has been closed to public for more than 10 years now. So they just have to re-open the garden, all the people can enjoy the nature whenever they want (except of course when the garden is closed at night). Instead they spent money to create this artificial path of nature which would be too crowded if more than 10 people decided to walk into it together.

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Julie said...

Wilf, this is already showing in the first slot of the 150 Members' Update.