Thursday, January 28, 2016


Saw this street musician playing the cello at via Carlo Alberto, a kid came forward and offered him his appreciation. 
I took the photo, but then the musician looked at me and shook his hand to signal his disapproval of being photographed. Well, too late, already done.

I do respect street artists a lot, but as far as I am agree with privacy, exhibition in public doesn't really scream privacy to me, let alone performance which request an appreciation in the form of money.
While the kid shown his generosity, the artist failed to do so.
I normally offer some money after taken a photo, but in this case, I just moved on....


Gunn said...

Very nice:)

William Kendall said...

If you're a busker out on the street, it's to be expected. Maybe he doesn't like the way he looks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was just not in the mood, who knows..and you were a too harsh in my opinion, and especially after publishing this photo on your blog publicly you could have at least left something. Sorry I really like your blog and follow it for a while, but this I didn't like. And i guess you're gonna delete my comment. Di