Sunday, January 24, 2016

Svegliati Italia

Pro civil unions rally in many piazza in different cities of Italy and other European countries to raise their support for equality for same sex unions rights in Italy. 

The government has finally moved a step towards legalizing same sex unions, but as usual meets with various resistance from the conservative parties and the church. 

One of the main concern is to allow same sex couples to adopt children of their partners and facing also the usual children should have a mother and a father not two mothers or two fathers aged argument.

By the  turn out of the event, one should be able to understand majority of Italians are ready to accept same sex unions with the same equal rights as heterosexual couples, the problem lies with the hand full of homophobia individuals and the cowardness of the politicians bowing under the pressure of the church.

Here in Torino, the rally was held in piazza Carignano and reported to have at least 7 thousand people attended. The mayor, Piero Fassino was present too to support the cause.

At the other spot at piazza Langrange, a hand full of selfish individuals were holding their own protest to prevent others to have the rights that they are enjoying without having to fight for. Fortunately, their protest was almost completely ignored, even by the politicians.

Lets see if the government will deliver what they promised or they will find some other excuses to further delay the issue.

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William Kendall said...

It's been legal here for over a decade, and when it comes down to it, it's a matter of civil rights. That makes it the right thing to do.

Someone who gets so worked up over the sexual orientation of complete strangers is pretty insecure as a human being anyway.