Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Rooms Of Palazzo Barolo

In 1906, the south side of the palazzo Barolo was demolished to widen and rectify the current Via Corte d'Appello: in the street pavement the trace of the original perimeter of the building still remains. Following the demolitions, a terrace was built in place of a pre-existing courtyard and the Green Chamber was rebuilt, which contains a fresco by Luigi Morgari representing The Wedding of Peleus and Teti.

Guest of the Falletti Marquises after the publication of "Le mie prigioni", the writer Silvio Pellico stayed for many years in the palace, whose room is part of the tour of the Palazzo museum. Pellico helped Giulia di Barolo in her works of charity, even teaching in schools founded by the Marchesa.


The staircase occupies the central space of the building in place of the traditional location on the side as in the typical seventeenth-century palaces. The decorative arrangements of the ground floor and some rooms on the piano nobile date back to the end of the seventeenth century; the stuccos are by Pietro Somasso, the paintings by Francesco Trevisani and the frescoes by Legnani.

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